The Assurance Of Business Continuity With Carbonite

cloud-backup-business-continuitySetting up a business is no joke. Making it profitable takes a lot of work. But sustaining it takes blood, sweat, and tears. You’re faced with a lot of competition and threats. Staying afloat is every small business’ challenge.

As a business owner, you know for a fact that competition is good. It gets you going. It’s that force that makes you more creative. But as a business owner, you are always fazed by the threats that can harm your business.

One of the many threats your small business faces is the possibility of stoppage or interruption due to natural disasters such as a storm, a hurricane, a fire, or a flood. The inevitable onset of a natural disaster can severely harm your business. This can turn your workplace into chaotic environment, with most of the office equipment damaged. Given this nightmare, how in the world can you get up again?

Such scenario wouldn’t be a nightmare if all your business files were backed up online by Carbonite. With Carbonite, you can easily restore all your business files from any computer. So it doesn’t really matter if your office computers are severely damaged. Even if you have to change all your computers or workstations, you can be assured that all your business files can easily be retrieved.

Why Your Small Business Needs Carbonite

According to Nina McIntyre, Carbonite’s Chief Marketing Officer, more and more business owners are now realizing how vulnerable they are in times of natural disasters. They recognize the fact that their operations can severely be interrupted due to critical data loss.

The possibility of business stoppage or interruption is not just brought about by data loss in times of natural disasters. Data loss can happen all the time. McIntyre adds that small businesses are also vulnerable to data breaches and hacking. So if you think that data breaches and hacking can only happen to big establishments, you’re wrong.

According to this article, cybercriminals are targeting small businesses. In 2012, cyberattacks have increased to 300% as compared to 2011. The sudden increase of cyberattacks on small businesses is alarming. You simply cannot ignore it anymore. There’s no assurance that your small business is spared from any kind of cyberattack.

This is precisely why you need Carbonite. The Carbonite business experts at say that it’s your best defense to all the threats that can possibly endanger your business because it protects all your critical data. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a natural disaster or a cyberattack. Carbonite protects your most important asset, your data.

The possibility of losing all your critical data will pose as serious threat to your business. You cannot afford such loss. You need Carbonite to back up your business now.

An In Demand Business Solution

Carbonite is not only the leading cloud backup brand; it’s also the most in demand business solution. The reason for this is because it’s affordable. You can afford to have the best data protection in your workplace, thanks to the various business plans of Carbonite.

All the business plans that go with a Carbonite offer code has the best features of cloud backup. For example, a business plan like the Carbonite Pro plan has the following features: workstation backup, portability for both Android and iOs, file server backup, daily availability of U.S.-based Customer support, free valet installation, HIPAA compliance, courier recovery, and unlimited backup for EHDs, NAS devices, and computers. The other cloud backup service providers don’t have all these features in their business plans.

The Carbonite Pro plan is perfect for a small business like yours. You can configure this particular plan to store 250 GB or 500 GB. The starting price is US $ 269.99. For that affordable price, you get one-year data protection and 250 GB of data backup.

Another good reason as to why Carbonite business is a popular cloud business solution is because of the hybrid backup it offers. While it’s true that almost all the cloud backup service providers offer hybrid backup, only Carbonite offers the most comprehensive data protection. If you take a good look at Carbonite’s Server Backup Plan, you’re assured of all the features of a business cloud backup. You get file server backup, hybrid backup, application server backup, free installation, U.S.-based Customer support, HIPAA compliance, Oracle backup, MysQL backup, SharePoint backup, SQL backup, and Exchange backup. The starting rate for this particular business plan of Carbonite is US 799.99. It really depends on how much business data you want to back up.

The good thing about Carbonite is that the rates of all their business plans are fixed and are charged annually. This means you won’t have to worry about surcharges that you will never be able to account for. So given the features of the various plans of Carbonite and the fixed, annual rates, it makes sense why it’s the most in demand business solution.

As a business owner, you need all the data protection you can get to keep the business going in case anything happens. With Carbonite, you are definitely assured of business continuity.

Does your business have a cloud backup solution?

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