Carbonite Backup And Its Growing Importance

carbonite-cloud-backup-importanceAs early as 2012, Gartner Inc. had predicted that the cloud would store one third of consumers’ digital files. At that time, a lot of folks were still in a quandary as to what cloud computing was. There were a lot of questions about it. Folks were curious about the “cloud.” They wondered what the “cloud” was and its purpose.

Fast forward to today, cloud computing has made its way into the mainstream. It has gone a long way since its “time-sharing” days back in the 1950s. Nowadays, more and more small businesses are relying on the cloud to protect their digital files. It makes more sense for them to invest in the “cloud” than to set up an infrastructure onsite. File backups are automatic and at the same time, secure.

This is the reason why there are about 1.5 million users of Carbonite, the leading online backup service provider. Out of the 1.5 million Carbonite users, 75,000 are small businesses.

Carbonite is a simple cloud backup solution that fits right into the budget of any small business owner. With Carbonite, there’s no need to hire an additional team to manage an infrastructure that entails a deeper knowledge of a skill not related to the business. This particular cloud-backup solution has made it very affordable for small businesses to secure and to manage their digital files. It makes a lot of sense why more and more small business owners are now trusting Carbonite. Its uniqueness is what makes it very popular these days.


Power. This is one of the reasons why Carbonite is unique. And it’s also one of the four words they live by.

Emmi Rackliffe, of Carbonite, describes this strength pretty well.

“We can use that strength that we have to hold them back over to our side. Have them go from saying, ‘…Carbonite doesn’t care to yes! Carbonite gets me. They obviously want my business and not only do they want my business but they actually want me to be happy.’ “

Carbonite boasts of that power to keep small businesses running smoothly. With their various cloud-backup solutions, small businesses can choose which plan is right for them.

The Carbonite Pro Plan backs up unlimited number of workstations. This is definitely to the advantage of small business owners. They won’t have to invest in external drives. They can actually do away with those and save some money. Another good thing about this particular Carbonite business solution is that it can back up unlimited number of workstations at a price that’s very affordable. As a matter of fact, it’s a couple of hundreds cheaper than the other cloud-computing services. That definitely is a big deal for any small business owner.

The Carbonite Server Backup Plan is another awesome business solution for small business owners. The power of this particular plan comes from the hybrid backup it boasts of.

Hybrid backup not only backs up to the cloud but to an external drive as well. This external drive is provided by Carbonite and is housed onsite. What this means for small business owners is that they can access their files not only from the cloud but from the external drive as well.

This is the power of Carbonite. It can get back every single file no matter what. This is the power that makes their customers very happy.


The simplicity of Carbonite is what makes it so popular among small business owners. Carbonite is easy to install and easy to use. According to the Carbonite team, “You have to keep it simple.”

Amanda Siragusa describes the simplicity of Carbonite.

“Simplicity would be making things user-friendly so that an average person or maybe someone that doesn’t know anything about Carbonite … would be able to figure it out.”

This is precisely the simplicity that Carbonite lives by. The software is very easy to use. As a matter it’s so easy to use that it’s hands-free. This is because of the automatic and continuous backup it offers. All the files are automatically backed up which means that everybody in the workplace can just concentrate on what needs to be done for the business to succeed. No one has to worry about data management since Carbonite takes care of that. And that’s the simplicity Carbonite is known for.


Carbonite guarantees security. It should. After all, every bit of data that’s entrusted to them is precious. Small business owners need and deserve to know how their digital files are secured online.

This is what security means to the Carbonite team.

“Security means … peace of mind that we give our customers.”

And yes, small business owners have peace of mind knowing their files are safe online. This is because Carbonite makes use of cutting edge technology to encrypt every bit of digital files.

With Carbonite, files are encrypted thru the 128 bit encryption process. This is an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and what it basically does is that it converts all the digital files into a format no one can understand. So before all the digital files are transferred to the cloud with the use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, they are encrypted for security purposes. In other words, no one unauthorized is able to access the files. That’s the security that Carbonite boasts of.


Small business owners get great value from Carbonite. This is because of the fact that Carbonite is able to protect their most precious asset, which is their data.

This is exactly what Eric Heise has to say about the value that Carbonite lives by.

“So Carbonite keeps businesses in business in the event of a catastrophe the customer can restore with their Carbonite account and get back up …”

That’s the kind of value small business owners get from Carbonite.

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